Our goal is to maximise the benefits new technology and new thinking can bring to our customers


As our Group proposition states, at Claritas Four Zero we want to do things differently with the aim of ‘creating something that works better – for everyone’.
Achieving this goal has been the prime focus of our CEO Jon Wardle from the very beginning. To achieve it Jon built a team around him who shared his ethos and had the expertise to deliver on the promises we make to our customers.
Jon Wardle, CEO

Jon Wardle

Claritas Group CEO

Jon, our CEO, founded Claritas to provide preconstruction and construction management services across multiple sectors. Today, he is leading the Group’s continued evolution – including the launch of Claritas Four Zero – which sees the business at the forefront of the Construction 4.0 movement in the UK. 

Jon has long been an advocate for innovative, MMC construction, believing it can bring multiple benefits to our customers. His participation as a speaker on a number of industry panels is just one way he is encouraging the industry to embrace new technology and new ways of working.

Simon Wilkinson

Simon Wilkinson

Claritas Group Director

Simon has been part of the Claritas team since 2019 after 13 years as a Director at Wates. Simon’s unique perspective on the industry and his passion for working collaboratively has enabled him to develop a network of customers built on trusted relationships. He has a real desire to play a proactive part in seeing the industry embrace new ways of working, not just in respect of technology and innovation, but most importantly through a cultural shift towards true collaboration.

Lee Yates

Lee Yeates

Business Unit Operations Director

Lee is the Operations Director for Claritas Four Zero, ensuring preparation, application, diligence and execution across every project. Following his formative years ‘on the tools’ as a carpenter, Lee has worked with major tier one contractors, specialist MMC suppliers, and construction management consultants – constantly broadening his knowledge and experience. Lee brings a pragmatic streak to Four Zero, always asking the important ‘that’s all very well’ questions, that are critical to ensuring the golden thread is maintained on every project – from inception to final completion.


George Mitchell

Pre-Construction and Innovation Manager

A science and engineering graduate with over 10 years’ experience as an Estimator and Pre-construction Manager, George has worked on the full spectrum of construction projects, ranging from large residential developments to complex, education, and hotel developments.

George champions relationships with our MMC Innovation Partners and thrives on working with multiple stakeholders to bridge challenges that differing agendas bring. A strategic thinker and problem solver who places customer values at the core of what he does, understanding that MMC is an enabler, but people and partnerships make projects.

Currently, George is leading Claritas’s agenda around future-proofing our built environment through sustainability. This focuses on the delivery of Low Carbon and Operational net-zero design and delivery to progress the changes our customers need to be fit for today’s world and achieve a net zero and climate-positive future.