Our goal is to maximise the benefits new technology and new thinking can bring to our customers


Construction is changing – embracing new, digitally-led technologies and processes to increase quality, productivity and total value. As a core part of the Claritas Group, Claritas Four Zero is at the heart of this exciting change. We share the same ‘two-way transparency’ ethos but apply that to the full spectrum of ‘Construction 4.0’ activities.

From digital design to industrialised production – net-zero development to AI- enabled operations – we integrate the systems, skills and specialists you need to maximise the benefits new thinking and new technology bring. 

Our approach
We are unashamedly a principal contractor, taking risk on the projects we deliver. We base our approach on exit cost not entry prices, ensuring our customers are fully informed at every stage of every project.

We focus on the near future challenges our customers and delivery partners are facing. Challenges around sustainability, digitalisation, products and components and the industrialisation of construction.

None of these challenges exist independently. They are closely interwoven. Our skill as principal contractor is to be an integrator ­– bringing all the strands together, removing friction, and managing the interfaces, both physical and contractual, that underpin successful delivery.

Sustainable construction


At Claritas Four Zero we believe that real success in tackling climate change across the construction sector depends on working effectively together. We are embarking on this journey with our customers and supply chain partners, and our colleagues across the Claritas Group.

Our current ambitions are to:
– Design and deliver buildings that are net zero carbon – operational and embodied.
– Take responsibility for delivering energy efficiency across the whole value chain.
– Invest in research and development that drives innovation, sharing this knowledge with our customers and supply chain partners
– Promote our approach with the industry, the communities we touch, and with the talent we wish to join us.

Ultimately, the sustainability of the process and the assets we help create is our legacy. We believe that legacy must be a positive one, not just for future generations but for the current one too.

Advanced digital modelling

Tools such as 5D BIM, data analytics and common data environments, are becoming more prevalent across construction projects. While they improve productivity in real time, they are perhaps more significant in paving the way for more disruptive technologies to come.

The construction has always struggled to utilise the vast amount of data it generates. This is due to the bespoke nature of different schemes, and the herculean task of co-ordinating a mainly artisanal supply chain when it comes to collecting, sharing, and using the data generated across the complex construction ecosystem.

At Claritas Four Zero, we are adopting collaborative technology to mine large structured and unstructured data repositories to make sure all stakeholders – designers, engineering consultants, trade-contractors, and customers – are all on the same page and informed with real-time data.

These technologies have the potential to redefine the industry by offering game changing benefits. To make this potential a reality we are:
– Prioritising the use of digital technology as the bedrock of our whole approach.
– Harvesting and analysing data to mitigate risks and identify trends.
– Leveraging predictability – using data alongside artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to predict outcomes with ever greater reliability.
– Utilising data to eliminate waste and improve plan and equipment productivity.

Ultimately, we will use technology and data to connect every phase of a building’s construction and operation – detecting inefficiencies and constantly driving improvements.

Products and components

We see our customers’ assets as configurable products that evolve and improve over time, rather than as one-off projects, designed and built from scratch each time.

Accordingly, we work with the very best delivery partners, each with impeachable covenants, to ensure we deliver the very best solution for every customer. We don’t seek to impose a single technology or system. Instead, we always seek the ‘right fit’ for each project, with the confidence and knowledge to explain why we are making a particular recommendation. 

Our ‘Innovation Partnerships’ reflect current procurement and technical requirements. They ensure we can deploy accredited, proven systems that offer a wide spectrum of building options, whilst also standardising the construction delivery process.

We have concentrated on specific sectors – healthcare with Premier Modular and low-rise residential with Saint Gobain – to address our current customers’ requirements. But we won’t stand still. We are constantly broadening our offer through new supply chain partnerships, as we seek to provide diverse customers with the very best product and component solutions.

Image courtesy of Innovation Partners: Premier Modular

The industrialisation of construction has several purposes: increasing productivity, replacing inefficient manual labour, accelerating the pace of construction, putting new projects into operation more quickly, reducing costs and improving quality Embracing industrialised construction also means that skill sets, roles, and team structures will evolve. With less time spent on manual tasks, greater automation will allow team members to spend more time on key management tasks that add real value. Ultimately our aim is to: – Make construction processes safer – Improve efficiency – Reduce project duration – Reduce construction cost and rework – Increase profitability – Improve staff recruitment and retention
Photo Credits to Diane Auckland Fotohaus