Construction is changing – embracing new, digitally-led technologies and processes to increase quality, productivity and total value. As a core part of the Claritas Group, Claritas Four Zero is at the heart of this exciting change. We share the same ‘two-way transparency’ ethos but apply that to the full spectrum of ‘Construction 4.0’ activities.

From digital design to industrialised production – net-zero development to AI- enabled operations – we integrate the systems, skills and specialists you need to maximise the benefits new thinking and new technology bring. 




Principal contractor

For all forms of off-site construction we take an approach based on ‘pre-construction for production, not construction’. This makes us the perfect partner for customers, manufacturers and suppliers who are looking to work with a turnkey principal contractor. BOPAS accredited, we generate tangible efficiencies by charging no OH&P on any pre-manufactured value.


Construction management including integrated project insurance

Alongside traditional contracting arrangements, we are well versed in alternative contracting and risk arrangements. Aligned with our transparency values, these approaches can ensure the right behaviours from all parties and contribute to highly successful project delivery.   


Pre-construction management

Our skills and capabilities are as a construction manager and contractor who understands the manufacturing process and can manage all the required interfaces. This makes us the ideal partner during the important pre-construction phase of a project – finding the right mix of processes, systems, products, and components to deliver the pre-planning and viability outcomes our customers need.


Partnership with supply chain trades and manufacturers

For all forms of off-site construction, we take an approach based on ‘pre-construction for production, not construction’. This makes us the perfect partner for customers, manufacturers, and suppliers. Ultimately, we let manufacturers be manufacturers, and manage the interface risks between the site and their products.


Customer support on portfolio construction solutions

We work with our customers on creating clearly defined and easy to deliver procurement, delivery and asset management strategies, providing straightforward and commercially astute technical advice.


Joint investment in sector R&D strategies

We are exploring the sector and sub-sector elements that deserve more contractor input. Where we find opportunity we will invest time, resources and capital.

Areas we are currently looking at include: adaptable, responsive, circular economy assets in the low-rise residential or commercial office sectors; digitalisation of delivery processes to support automation; and, delivery of air rights structures or strategies for streamlined delivery of assets in the assisted living sector. Whatever the R&D opportunity, we always welcome a conversation.


“Our great people are fundamental to our distinctive way of working. Believing in ‘two-way transparency’ and taking shared responsibility for its success across every project, is critical if we are going to change the way our industry works.”

Jon Wardle, CEO